Minister hails disciplinary forces on first combined graduation


Defence Minister Solan Mirisim says the first-ever Joint Forces Academy graduation last Friday at Igam Barracks in Lae is a momentous occasion for the three disciplined forces.
The college was first opened in 1974, closed in 1980, and reopened last year after 36 years.
Mirisim said the day would be long cherished by the pioneer graduates of the re-established college in their stories, photographs and videos.
“Today is a historic moment for you and indeed a proud moment for all of us,” he told the cadets.
“You have demonstrated commitment, dedication, discipline and persistence during your training.
“That is why you are here today to pass out as leaders of the three disciplined forces.
“You will be the future of the PNG Defence Force, the Royal PNG Constabulary and PNG Correctional Services.
“The friendship and relationships you have built during your training will someday become useful in your careers.”
Mirisim said the country was facing growing security challenges, and this was where the graduates would need to work together.
“You will need each other’s support,” he said.
“It is therefore absolutely important you keep your friendships and networks alive.
“Maintain the high level of discipline which you had worked so hard to build during your training.
“You have a high moral duty to do so, because our people expect that from you.
“Yes, we have issues of ill-discipline within our forces, but we are improving and you are part of this improvement.”

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