Minister happy no major hiccups during Gr10,12 exams

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EDUCATION Minister Nick Kuman is pleased that the Grade 10 and Grade 12 national examinations have been completed without any major hiccups.
He said unlike in the past, there were no reports of cheating.
“I am extremely pleased. This is the first year that we have not had any major incidents of cheating or other mal-practices reported,” he said.
“Cheating, misconduct, deception and other forms of unethical behaviors are not condoned by the ministry.
“We have attempted to eliminate cheating and bring credibility to the national examination system over the last few years. I am pleased that we have made a turnaround.”
Kuman said the quality control measures in place included the marking process, moderation of internal and external marks and security starting from the writing of the exam papers to packing and distribution to schools.
“These systems are in place to address leakages. We are committed to ensuring that the examinations are conducted fairly,” he said.
“Every PNG child has a right to be educated, and to ensure this, we will always need public support and cooperation by reporting to us or the police any incidence or suspicion of cheating. Only then we will know of these issues and address them promptly.”

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