Minister presents ambulance to Atrigu health centre


MINISTER for Lands and Physical Planning Benny Allan presented a new ambulance to the remote Atrigu health centre in Unggai-Bena, Eastern Highlands, last week.
The local MP told the people to use the ambulance to transport the sick, bodies, pregnant mothers and supplies for the centre.
“Do not use the ambulance as public transport or carry bags of coffee, the ambulance must be used to save lives of the sick,” Allan said.
The three-time Parliamentarian also raised serious concerns about the closure of community health centres in Unggai-Bena.
“My people of Unggai-Bena district need to know why many aid posts and health centres in the district are closed, the Eastern Highlands health authority (PHA) must explain to the people why they are being deprived of health services,” Allan said.
He said health services should be provided at the people’s doorstep but this was not happening because the PHA did not have a good working relationship with the Unggai-Bena district.
Allan directed Unggai-Bena district health officer Michael Boku to liaise with PHA and his office to get necessary assistance to get health centres and aid posts reopened.
“The Unggai-Bena electoral office will chip in money to maintain the appalling health facilities in the district, including the Atrigu Health Centre, and also re-deploy health workers,” Allan said.
“Other facilities like the Nimi Health Centre will get a facelift.”
Eastern Highlands health authority CEO Joshua Soso said landowner issues had affected health services in the district.

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