Minister satisfied with moratorium on beech-de-mer


FISHERIES and Marine Resources Minister Mao Zeming is satisfied with the six-year moratorium imposed on the harvest of beech-de-mer which has produced the result wanted.
“There have been suggestions from sections of our community that the ban has forced coastal villagers to illegally fish for sea cucumber just to survive,” he said.
“Certain individuals have even gone to the media to justify, to defend illegal fishing in their waters, as if the moratorium was intended to put them out of business, or make people suffer.
“These comments and suggestions are absolutely false.
“The ban on the harvest of sea cucumber was for one purpose only – to prevent a complete depletion of this fishery. Had the NFA not imposed this ban in 2009, most of the 33 species found in our waters would be wiped out.
“Our coastal people would today be seeking other alternatives to support their livelihood.’’
He said the survey showed that there had been sufficient recovery of stock.
Zeming urged the people to work with the NFA in ensuring the new management plan was implemented well.
“The new management plan has a hierarchal structure that entails authorities at communities, local level government, and provincial level working together to protect this fishery and its ecosystem and ensure its long term survival,” he said.

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