Minister wants authority to work with dept to solve land issues


LANDS and Physical Planning Minister Justin Tkatchenko has called on the East Sepik government and authorities to work with the department to sort out the land board issues.
Responding to questions by Ambunti-Dreikikir MP Johnson Wapunai on the issue of no proper land administration due to no lands and physical planning boards, Tkatchenko said the East Sepik government did not have a structure to accommodate the lands and physical planning board.
Tkatchenko said in the past 14 years, the province had not given any priority to land administration and land functions.
He said the land was either rejected or was not being looked after in a proper manner to benefit the people of East Sepik.
“The land board meeting for the province was supposed to be co-funded by the provincial administration and Department of Lands and Physical Planning,” Tkatchenko said.
“The agenda items were prepared and notices for tender publicly displayed for people to apply at the beginning of this year.”

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