Minister wants extension for land groups registration

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Minister for Lands and Physical Planning Justin Tkatchenko, pictured, has made a submission to the National Executive Council for an extension of five years to allow for the registration of all incorporated land groups (ILGs).
Tkatchenko told The National that this was part of the 100-day plan announced by the Government in which the department was tasked to make amendments to the Land Act to give extra time for the registration of all ILGs.
“In the 100-day plan one of the issues the Lands Department was to take was to change the Lands Act to give extra time for registrations of the incorporated land groups for corporate, industry and business to ensure that they are dealing with the right landowners.
“I have made the submission already and it’s now going to NEC next week for approval to change the Lands Act to extend the time of identifying all ILGs to five years.”
Tkatchenko said half of the ILGs have not been registered and confirmed it was taking quite a long process.
Tkatchenko said the extension was to avoid causing issues with big industries including oil palm, mining and petroleum to ensure they got the process right.
“That’s already ahead of schedule, once NEC approves then, all industries would be advised by way of circulars to all those in the industry.”
The registration period had lapsed in February this year and would be extended by another five years.
Tkatchenko said part of the 100-day plan was to collect all the outstanding K168 million land revenue throughout the country.

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