Minister wants police honour restored


POLICE Minister Jelta Wong says the actions of a few officers have tarnished the reputation of the police which he wants to do something about.
“Too often, the constabulary has been the centre of controversy, tainted by the actions of a few,” he said.
“Sadly, these actions have resulted in a loss of faith in us as a disciplined institution by the very people we have sworn to serve and protect. It is time to change.”
He plans to restore the police force “to its former glory and once again become the pride and honour of our beloved nation”.
He said those who brought disrepute to the police uniform and institution would be removed “as a matter or priority” to allow those committed to excellence continue to rebuild and re-establish the constabulary. It is our responsibility to ensure our uniform is synonymous with discipline, honour and respect,” he said.
“This should be reflected in our appearance, conduct and professionalism both on and off duty.
“As a public servant, it is an honour to serve the people of this great nation.”

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