Ministry helps inmates


PRISON fellowship ministry teams have been given opportunity to take charge of running church meetings and gatherings together with visiting teams at the Bomana jail outside Port Moresby.
Commanding officer Supt Haraha Kiddy Keko told The National that the ministry teams organised the security arrangements at the end of such gatherings and took complete control of proceedings.
“We have a ministry here that belongs to the heads of all the churches so the prisoners organise this kind of occasions,” Keko said.
“Of course I have a security manager, I have correction officers responsible, but in these activities prisoners take charge. They arrange the movement of inmates back into their cells after such events.
“They organise how the prisoners are going to exit or go to their compounds not one of my officers going and giving directions.”
He said there are about 300 to 400 prisoners moving around on their own during these evening meetings. Every cell has a cell leader and there is a church group in there as well.
He said the prison population has about 550 including nearly 100 women as well as the occupants of the minimum security unit.
“This is the high security area, our set up is high security and this is PNG. You cannot see the high security,” Keko said.
“That used to be the situation, but three years on, God intervened, God has taken over, they (inmates) are always in control themselves.
“Last year, we had a big crusade by Foursquare Living Waters and the team came. It rained the first night and prisoners just continued standing. It showed how desperate they were to hear the Word of God.
“On the second night, there was a blackout but the situation was under control.
“The prisoners organised themselves to get the inmates back into their cells. God is at work in the prison camp.
“I want to thank the ministry for accepting our invitation, it’s always open and I’m always challenging my officers that we make use of the open area every weekend.
“But we also have other things to do so I don’t want to overuse the officers.
“We’re happy that this ministry team has come to give us that kind of moral support.”

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