MMA star Pang gets state help


VUNAPOPE-born Mix Martial Artist Adrian Pang yesterday received funding support of K50,000 from the National Government.
Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko made the official presentation at the Government State House prior to and official appointment.
“Adrian is proof of a strong-willed individual who set out to achieve his goals in mixed martial arts, no matter what it takes”, Tkatchenko said.
“Throughout his journey, Adrian took Papua New Guinea with him, and I thank him for being such a great ambassador for country”.
PNG Sports Foundation executive director Peter Tsiamalili Jr who was also present acknowledged Pangs achievements and recognition.
“It is quite an occasion to finally see some recognition for what Adrian has achieved, and the Foundation is only happy that we have been able to facilitate this.
He has fought for Papua New Guinea right to the world MMA stage, and there definitely is no doubt about his pride in his heritage.”
Pang while thanking the National Government and the country, was intent to return and play a bigger role incountry.
“I am very proud of the recognition and I thank the Government and the people of PNG for the support over the last 16 years of my fighting career.
There is alot of potential in the country, and given the right training, we can create champions. I’ve been fortunate enough to do that in Australia with fighters, and hopefully I can do that for PNG”, Pang said.
Pang added that coming to the end of his career, it would be a dream come true for him to have one of his fights in the country.
Besides a major role in developing and motivating young people, Pang is also intent on returning to the country and help setting up a world class gym.
He fought 42 times in mix martial arts and is currently preparing for his ONE FC fight on November 11 later this year

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