Mobile squad backs police


Two mobile squad units have been deployed to Mendi to assist police, protect government properties and businesshouses.
The Lae and Goroka mobile squad units arrived in Mendi two weeks ago.
The general perception is that the mobile squads are there to foster relationships  with the people.
People have slowly returned to Mendi town after it was deserted following election-related violence.
Nancy Konjel, a subsistence farmer who travelled from Tambul in Western Highlands to sell her vegetables in Mendi, said she came to town only because of the increased police presence.
She said many trade store owners has run out of stock and prices of goods have increased in the villages.
“At first, when the police arrived, many people fled the town because we thought there would be fighting,” she said.
Konjel said they were happy to have the unit there to protect them and assist police.

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