Moment of truth for Japan


IT will be the moment of truth as Japan and Canada tussle on Sunday to qualify for the quarter-finals in group B of the Under-20 women’s soccer World Cup.
The one-week old tournament has reached the crucial stage and Sunday’s matches in all groups will determine who advances into the finals, while others kiss PNG 2016 good-bye.
It is also bound to be a moment of emotions, tears of joy or disappointment.
Japan coach Asako Takakura said his side would change their approach in the final group match against Canada at the National Football Stadium.
Takakura said this after the 1-0 loss to Spain on Wednesday night at Bava Park.
“We should change our approach against Canada in the crucial deciding match to qualify for the quarter finals.
“The Japanese style of football in both attack and defence remains the same though.”
Canada may be on the way out in the group stage but will give the Japanese a run for their money.
After two matches, Spain leads group B with 6 points, Japan and Nigeria both on 3 points (separated by goal average) and Canada, who lost the first two already, will be desperate to make Sunday’s game count.

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