Momis downplays rumours of bias by committee appointments


Bougainville President Dr John Momis has downplayed rumours that the Bougainville senior appointments committee (BSAC) was one-sided in its recent appointments.
Momis said the selection of the candidates for the departmental heads and the chief secretary’s position had gone through a rigorous process and a panel made up of senior public servants who oversaw the selections. “I would like to quell any rumours and misinformation to the Bougainville people that the BSAC was one-sided in choosing the confirmed departmental heads of the Bougainville public service,” he said.
“There are even rumours suggesting that the new chief secretary, Joseph Nobetau, was chosen based on the fact that he is from Buin which also happens to be my place of origin.” Momis was blunt in saying that under no circumstance was Nobetau chosen because they both hailed from Buin.
He reassured the people of Bougainville that the process of appointing Nobetau was one of integrity that evidently saw that Nobetau was the best suited candidate.
“The four new secretaries – James Tanis, Department of Referedum, Wesley Kenneth, Department of Community Government, Brenda Toihana, Department of Finance and Justin Kehatsin, Department of Education – were all chosen upon merit where the panel and the BSAC saw them to be the best possible candidates for their respective positions,” Momis said.
Candidates who applied for the ABG departmental heads positions were put through a rigorous process where they were screened by a panel consisting of very prominent Papua New Guineans and senior public servants in the likes of former Ombudsman Commissioner, Ila Gena and Melchior Togolo.
The selection panel then made a shortlist of three viable candidates which was then presented to the Bougainville senior appointments committee who made the final decision on the best suitable candidate to take up the positions.

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