More debate on the Sabbath


I WRITE in reply to Spirit-filled Believer’s letter (The National, July 27, 2017) on God’s two covenants.
Which law was nailed to the cross when Jesus died as a true sacrificial Lamb of God (Col2:14-17)?
God’s laws were categorised into four – ceremonial law, civil law (judgment and status), health and moral (Exo31:18).
The ceremonial law was nailed to the cross and it is still there for us to claim by faith today. The moral law is the foundation of God’s government and it’s not nailed to the cross.
The Ten Commandments was written on stone.
It included the law about the Sabbath.
The stone was Jesus (Eph2:20), therefore, we cannot separate the Ten Commandments from Jesus.
We cannot accept Jesus without his character.
If we love Jesus the Son of Adonai, we’ll keep his commandments, including the Sabbath truth.

Albert Peter Alo   

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