Morobe looks at clean energy options amid power woes


THE Morobe government is considering clean energy options like biomass, solar, wind, geothermal and hydro to fix Lae’s power woes, Governor Kelly Naru says.
Naru says the industrial hub at present uses 30 megawatts of electricity when it needs 60 megawatts.
He also called on the Government to hand over power producing functions from PNG Power Ltd to the provincial government to manage.
“The Government must off load the power producing function to the provincial government to enable us to get into the business of producing power in conjunction with established independent power producers to look after the city and province,” Naru said.
“Why are we continuously experiencing ridiculous power disruptions?
“What has happened to the eight generators installed in West Taraka in 2009?
“Where is the gas turbine that was promised for Lae?
“The State-owned entity, PNG Power Ltd, recently declared a profit but this has not translated into providing adequate power supply in Lae.
“This is not good for an industrial city, our major business development partners, for our business houses, government services and our ordinary people.
“Ninety-per cent of business in Lae is run by independent power supply, that is business owners using standby power generators and the cost to them is very high and they are passing these high costs onto their customers.
“For the past three years, we have been in partnership with stakeholders and landowners in developing the biomass project in the Markham Valley.
“We have a partnership approach to developing the Mongi hydro in Pindiu in Finschhafen district. With so many rivers, hydro is a viable option to power the province.
“We have geothermal options in Sialum and Wasu in Tewae-Siassi with hot springs available.
“Wind turbines can be considered along the Markham Valley.
“All we want is for the Government to realise that its State-owned entity is under performing and it should off load power production to provinces like Morobe so we can invite IPPs to come in and consider developing the clean energy options available to us.”

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