Morobe plans to promote tourism


MOROBE is planning to promote tourism as a sustainable industry to empower people in the rural areas.
Tali Yanga, the Morobe commerce and tourism advisor and acting deputy administrator for economic services made the announcement during a meeting in Lae last Wednesday.
Yanga said most people were in the rural areas and lacked formal employment, and Morobe had the potential to boost its economy through tourism.
He said the plan targeted job creation for unemployed youths in the rural areas of Morobe who were driven into the city and without jobs.
“The key message is for Morobe to start promoting tourism as an alternative and sustainable economic industry for the people,” he said.
“Morobe has everything in tourism. Tourism involves everyone and not just international tourists in making sure one feels welcomed and shares a memorable experience before leaving a province.”
Yano appealed to organisations to boost the tourism industry in Morobe which is also one of the ways to address law and order issues by providing jobs to youths.

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