Morobe police arrest suspect in alleged assault of two children


A STUDENT, who was on the run after assaulting two children outside Wagang village in Morobe, was finally caught by police yesterday.
The father of the victims, Peter Lomo, said China Town police caught the suspect yesterday at an institution at Kamkumung after they made several attempts.
“This man tried to kill my son aged 10 after he protected his sister, aged nine, from being raped,” Lomo claimed.
“He was finally caught by police after a week.”
Lomo said the suspect was arrested on his return to school.
“The student allegedly committed the offence near Sipaia Beach,” he said.
“The incident happened on a Sunday afternoon after my children were returning from the sea after having a swim.”
Lomo claimed the suspect lured his children to a bush on the pretext of offering them coconut juice and slashed the boy on his arm but he managed to escape.
China Town police station Commander Senior Constable Gordon Matafimo confirmed that the suspect was apprehended by police.

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