Morobe reveals flood aid shortfall


DUE to scarce resources, the Morobe disaster office will only help people who have been seriously affected by recent flooding, coordinator Charlie Masange says.
Masange explained this on Tuesday when giving an update on the recent heavy rains and flooding in parts of the province.
The province has experienced continuous raining in the previous week resulting in flooding and landslides in places like Bulolo, Huon Gulf, Nawaeb and Lae.
“We have received reports of flooding and some houses affected but we cannot do anything yet because of scare resources,” Masange said.
“We have to make some tough financial decisions because of the time we are in, especially with the formation of government and things not settling down.
“We need to identify the people who are really affected – it’s not entire villages.”
“We cannot just go in there and give out things to everybody. We have to assist the genuine victims.
“We have to make some kind of financial decisions that will ensure everyone is happy.”
Masange said in their assessment, areas most affected would be those that reported deaths, starvation, disease outbreaks, and increasing law and other problems like stealing.
He said as far as he knew, there were reports from Gabensis village that houses were destroyed by the recent rain and flooding.
He said the local level government officer in the area was tasked to verify the situation and report to his office for further action.
Masange said the provincial disaster office would only assist victims in “mega disaster.
He also appealed to people affected by the disaster to supply correct reports to his office and not to exaggerate situations and figures.
“Disaster funding throughout the country is the responsibility of the provincial government,” he said.
“They need to know what we are doing and we report to them.”

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