Morobe Tutumang ‘too quiet’


MOROBE Tutumang has gone quiet too soon after elections and leaders are not taking the lead to assess and address issues, former governor Luther Wenge, pictured, says.
Wenge said several areas in the province were severely affected by floods, droughts and landslips.
Constant rain had deteriorated roads and affected the movement of people.
Former premier Sir Jerry Nalau also raised similar concerns last week.
Wenge said that the flooded areas were Gabensis in Wampar and Morobe post, Huon Gulf and seven villages in Kataipa, Garaina in Bulolo and interior Burum-Kuat.
He said roads in Bulolo and Menyamya needed fixing and so as those in parts of Markham, Nawaeb, the Gagidu-Pindiu Highway, Tewae-Siassi and Kabwum.
“Rural farmers, schools and health centres in rural areas are hoping for the best and yet we haven’t heard or seen the tutumang meet to address these important issues caused by natural disasters,” Wenge said.
“Why waste public funds travelling in and out of districts and provinces for mere issues while operating on ad-hoc basis without proper gazetted Tutumang minutes.”
Sir Jerry said that soon after election results, the Tutumang went into hibernation.
“I am concerned over the condition of Milfordhaven Road from the main wharf-Snack Bar in Lae city that has deteriorated beyond repair,” Sir Jerry said.
“This road section is the heart beat of various industrial activities and the gateway to the movements of containers in and out from main wharf yet the road was overlooked for more than 10 years now.”
He said that coastal people from Tewae-Siassi, Kabwum, Finschhafen, Labuta and Huon Gulf coast were left without a ship  after mv Lady Zeming and Morobe Rainforest were grounded.

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