Mother raises baby girl while in prison


EXTRA-marital affairs are breaking up marriages today and lives are destroyed as a consequence.
Lona Simon, 27, from Upper Mendi in Southern Highlands, is an inmate at Buimo jail in Morobe and recently spoke about the ordeal that she went through after her husband moved on with another woman in 2016.
“I was remanded at Buimo prison charged with murder when I was six months pregnant after stabbing to death the woman that my husband went out with.”
While a prisoner, Simon gave birth to her daughter Renollah on March 3 this year at the Angau hospital.
Renollah has been living with her mother at Buimo prison since.
Simon said she had a very hard time raising her other children who were now living with her parents.
Asked about the type of treatment given to her and little girl in the prison, Simon happily said her baby had many mothers who were also inmates at Buimo who have taken good care of them.
She recalled that for the last six months while in jail, her family members had never paid a visit to them.
She said she was happy that through her prayers, a lawyer has finally come to aid and taken up her case to court.
She said when her baby Renollah Simon grew old enough she would tell her that she was born a prison child and that would be something she would never forget in her entire life.
Simon is awaiting the hearing of the murder charge against her.

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