Mothers get K100,000


THE National Gaming Control Board (NGCB) has donated K100,000 to Sisters Helpim Students Association in Goroka, Eastern Highlands, last Saturday night as part of its vision to help empower mothers in small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country.
Chief executive officer Imelda Agon stressed how important NGCB’s vision was in its bid to help support SME mothers in the country.
Chairman Leslie Hoffman also reaffirmed NGCB’s commitment to development in the country.
Hoffman said the organisation had a vision to give back to communities in the country.
“Since the inception of the new board and its management, NGCB has embarked on giving back something to communities.”
Sister Helpim Sister Association was initiated to help empower SME mothers in Eastern Highlands.
Founders Rita and Peter Kare thanked NGCB for its contribution and said the financial support would go a long way to help mothers realise their dreams within the SME sector in the province.
The NGCB is a partner in the promotion of culture and tourism in the country.
The successful 60th NGCB Goroka Show last week is a testament of the partnership.
Eastern Highlands Governor Julie Soso attributed the success of Goroka Show to sponsorship from National Gaming Control Board with K300,000 for the naming rights.
Agon is adamant NGCB will continue its support to promote culture and tourism in the country over the long term.

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