‘Mothers not visiting clinics’


MANY mothers continue to shy away from visiting antenatal clinics for various reasons including customary beliefs and practices.’
This despite health staff all over the country continuing to do what they can with limited resources to educate pregnant mothers and families on the importance regular health checks.
A pregnant mother was recently attended to by World Vision health staff at Boroi village in Madang after the woman complained of continuous backache and reported that she had fainted and fallen three days prior to visiting the clinic.
Aileen Watakapura and Amenda Nawak were in Boroi to do child nutritional monitoring and household visits when an elderly man approached them and told them that his wife fainted and fell and was in great pain.
Because the Boroi clinic was closed and the community health worker was away, they attended to the pregnant mother with the assistance of two village birth attendants.
“Due to not attending the antenatal clinic, the mother was not sure of her expected date of delivery so we had to work it out.” they said.
“We helped the mother into the newly renovated delivery room and checked her. We found that she was in labour and the baby’s head was way down passed the pelvic brim.”
The team delivered the baby, a boy weighing 2.5kg. He was named Manu Peter after the World Vision health project manager.

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