Motorcycle stunt thrills crowd


MOTORCYCLE stunt during Morobe Show by freestyle riders from Australia continued to be a crowd-pleaser over the weekend.
It was one of the highlights of the show over the years because it kept the crowd thrilled.
The Riback Freestyle Motocross team has been performing for the last eight years at the show and is led by one of Australia’s top freestyle riders, Joel Balchin.
Balchin has been performing stunts all over the world.
“People in Lae always loved our performances over the years,” he said.
“We enjoy riding here because they cheer us as soon as we start our engines and that continues at the peak of our performances.”
He had performed alongside the Crusty Demon Freestyle team and apart from being a rider he is also an editor for the Crusty Magazine.
They performed many stunts and among them was a risky one – back flip.
“Everyone loves the back flip.
“We performed it several times during the event but they couldn’t get enough and they continued yelling for more,” Balchin said.
“The terrain is muddy and wet but we love riding here.
“We give our best even though it is a bit difficult to ride in such conditions.”

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