Motu Koita league declares joint winners


THE Baruni Eagles and the Tatana Island Fairfax were declared joint premiers of the Motu Koita Rugby Football League after their grand final ended 22-22 draw last Saturday.
The decision was made yesterday by a Southern Confederate tribunal headed by director Gwaibo Mairi.
Mairi said they had considered replaying the grand final but instead decided to award the premiership to both teams. The match was level even after two periods of extra time.
Mairi said there was a rule where the team who scored the first try would be declared the winners if the scores were level after extra time but they considered that unfair to the teams.
“I want to make it clear that we are affiliated to International Rugby League Federation and Australian Rugby League and not National Rugby League who have different sets of rules and laws that suits their competition,” Mairi said.
Motu Koita chairman Dai Boe said the decision of the tribunal had the input from both teams and they had accepted it as in the interests of the two sides and the competition.
“This decision was based on the actual PNGRFL ruling and the fact of an unlikely rematch due to many relevant factors which both parties agreed and opted subsequently to share the premiership,” Mairi said.
He said the decision also took into account the cost in organising another grand final at the venue.
“The decision was supported by the fact that it would work for both teams and organisers for a rematch and on top of that the availability of Sir Hubert Murray Stadium or other fields that could stage the final at.
“I will liaise with league’s patron and NCD Governor Powes Parkop whose name is given to the A grade premiership cup, for a formal awards presentation ceremony most likely at City Hall.”

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