Motu Koitabuans unhappy with polls


THE election of Sir Mekere Morauta as MP for Moresby North West was a sad day for Motu Koitabuans.
Once again our efforts in the 2017 general elections have gone in vain and we get to suffer another term of parliament and another five years of struggle – amounting to 40 years of hardship.
It is so sad to see that the people who live in this city have failed us again.
Why can’t the people from the other provinces who live and work in the land that belongs to us give us the mandate that our people deserve to have?
Seriously, we don’t know what happened this time around because we had three Motu Koitabuans contesting the seat.
We had almost 12,000 to 13,000 eligible voters for the 2017 general election.
We believed that this was the time for change and we embraced ourselves in every rally that was conducted in the village. But for some unknown reason, the election results didn’t reflect the belief we had.
So many questions have been asked: Have we been cheated again by the system? The list goes on and on and on.
The people of Motu Koitabu deserve to have a parliamentary representative. It is our right.
We cannot be grouped with the other suburbs of this city to form an electorate.
We should be looked at separately becauuse the land that Papua New Guinea’s capital city is built on belongs to the proud people of Motu Koitabu and we deserve to have an electorate of our own.
This land is the only resource we have and we have to protect it at all costs.
To all proud and concerned Motu Koitabuans, we may have lost the 2017 general election but we must not lose hope. This is our land and our inheritance, our birthright and the place we originated from.
Teach our children how important this land is to us, so that they will continue the fight that we have been doing in our efforts to give them a better future.

Concerned Motu Koitabuan    

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