Move by govt is only to protect citizen’s interests


LET me clarify that the proposed tax on housing allowances only applies to wage-earners who receive more than K3000 per week.
People who misunderstand this tax should know that 90 per cent of the local workforce is not paid well below this figure so they will not be affected.
Most of our local workforce has been unfairly taxed from proceeds of their housing allowances built into the fortnightly salary while the
executives enjoy tax exemption living in expensive luxury accommodation.
The outset of this proposed
tax will discourage high rental
fees charged by real estate firms as well as to encourage employers to build accommodation for
their workers in Papua New Guinea.
The O’Neill Government is very smart and innovative in proposing radical tax reforms to maximise government revenue to finance its development initiatives and programmes.
Please think out of the box that this Government is only protecting citizen interest and not to punish you.

Eugene Wandu
Gerehu, NCD

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