Move to stop tribal fight


POLICE in West New Britain are working with the Talasea local level government and the district
administration to stop a tribal fight where guns have been used.
Talasea rural police commander Senior Inspector Oena Afeke said a fight began at Waganakai village last Saturday.
It affected Ward Six villages Tabekemeli, Bamba, Dire and Liapo, and villages in Ward Five and Eight.
Afeka said the fighting was among clans in which guns were used.
It affected the flow of traffic and the movement of people from Pangalu to Bulu villages.
β€œNew Britain Palm Oil Limited trucks and the public, including schools within the fighting zone had been affected,” he said.
β€œMany families have been displaced.”
He said officers on the ground reported that there were three fighting zones but the people were reluctant to help the officers because their ties with the clans.
Talasea LLG president Victor Narere said 14 houses at Vaganaki were burnt last weekend.
It included nine permanent buildings whose owners suffered huge losses.

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