Mozzies prepared to defend world title


International Cup 2017 defending champions, Papua New Guinea are more prepared to defend their AFL title in Melbourne.
The Mosquitoes assistant coach Douglas Lai was all praise for the High Performance Sport PNG team for providing professional assistance which was something they did not have before.
“Identifying the injuries, advising them what to be done on the injuries, you know all those kinds of advices coming from the HP staff was really helpful,” Lai said.
“They are well educated in the field and what we got out of HP was a professional opinion and professional guidance. It’s good for the team definitely.
“It will take care of the injuries; take care of our mental preparations, plus physical preparations. Everything that we have taken out of HP is professional, I can say.”
Lai said the challenge for the team was defend the cup they won in 2014 at the Mlebourne Cricket ground where they beat Ireland in the grand final.

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