MP booed while delivering speech

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PEOPLE in Kapao local level government area of Aseki in Morobe booed Menyamya MP Benjamin Philip when he was trying to deliver a speech on Tuesday.
He was telling people that the government would seal the Bulolo-Menyamya Highway next year.
Philip said the government considered the poor condition of the highway and problems on it and assured the people the road will be sealed at the cost of K123 million.
More than 1000 people gathered at Kapao LLG station at Kanakaimanga to witness the launching of various infrastructural facilities under the leadership of president Jackty Yotipo but shouted down Philip when he spoke.
The crowd criticised the MP, saying time had lapsed for him to seal the highway.
Philip is the vice finance minister in the O’Neill government and has served two terms as an MP.
“Menyamya could have achieved more projects in the last 10 years if the government had allocated adequate funding, but gave us insufficient money compared to population figure,” he told the people.
“We need more money to implement basic services to 60 wards in four LLGs, including Kapao, Nanema-Kareba, Wapi and Kome – totalling 60,000 people.”
Philip said increase in population demanded more funds and facilities to serve their needs.
Meanwhile, Yotipo said that it would cost K17.9 million to build five feeder roads, including the Hokanaiwa-Hanadowa, Kanakaimanga-Yeva, Hokanaiwa-Komakwata, Toneva-Hiakwata and Hoiwa-Langima to link 15 wards in Kapao.
Yotipo engaged Redcliff Engineering Company for K68,000 to do feasibility studies of the roads.
Only five impact roads were selected based on their economic values involving coffee and fresh produce to help farmers, trade store owners and health and education services.
“People need roads to help in mobility to sustain themselves because the availability of land and coffee trees were enabling farmers to buy Landcruisers like peanuts, but the road system was a burden to get to markets,” Yotipo said.
Yotipo announced his intention to contest the Menyamya seat in the presence of MP Benjamin Philip.

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