MP calls on police told to uphold rule of law


By Muhuyupe Soranzi
RIGO MP Lekwa Gure has urged police at the Kwikila station to uphold the rule of law and execute their duties without fear or favour.
Gure, the newly elected MP, his wife Vavine Gure and Rigo chief executive Kopru Abe visited the station this week.
When addressing police officers after being welcomed by a guard of honour formed by station officers, Gure said that he always had respect for the police force.
“When you become a policeman, you swear an oath and pledge your loyalty to the government of the day to serve with the best of your ability,” he said.
“Therefore, I urged you all to carry out your duty without fear or favour, to uphold the rule of law at our district headquarters in Kwikila and throughout all parts of our Rigo district.”
Gure said the rule of law was most important in the maintenance of order and peace.

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