MP determined to reopen schools after tribal fights


WABAG MP Robert Ganim (pictured) says education services in the remote Maramuni area of Enga will be fully restored next year.
School-aged children from Maramuni, which shares the border with East Sepik have not been able to attend schools for the last 15 years.
The schools in the area had to be closed and teachers were reluctant to take up their posting due to its remoteness.
Speaking in Wabag recently, Ganim said the District Development Authority (DDA) has reopened five primary schools in the area this year.
He added that next year the DDA would reopen 15 elementary schools and classes commence at the same time.
Ganim appealed to the people of Maramuni to do away with tribal fights.
He added that tribal fights affect Government’s services to Maramuni and other parts of the country.
“I reopen the five schools and 15 elementary schools will commence classes next year, what I want from the people is respect for the public facilities and look after public servants in their area,” he said.
“We are trying our best to address shortage of classroom face by schools due to influx of students enrolling every year because of the national government free education policy.
“A new Ganim high school is under construction at Birip near the border of Wapenamanda district.”

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