MP focuses on growing local economy


CREATING opportunities for local economic growth is among the agenda in Ijivitari district’s  100-day plan, MP Richard Masere says.
Masere said they would look at tourism and crops such as coffee, cocoa and rice to establish markets outside Popondetta.
“We will look at international markets for them and once we identify the best cash crop, then we’ll focus on investing money into those areas to help develop farming, logistics, infrastructure and markets,” he said.
“We believe that this 100-day plan will pave a way for the five-year development plan.
“Most of these things we are discussing now over the 100-day plan will be part of the composition of the five-year development plan.
“Over these 100 days, we are visiting some of these public institutions, particularly the rural hospitals and learning institutes.
“We’ve already visited Popondetta Secondary, Embogo High School and the University of Natural Resources and Environment (Oro campus).
“At the moment, the UNRE is looking at changing the name of the school next year, but at this time, there has not been any progress on that discussion.”
Masere said the school still has not employed any lecturers and there has been no infrastructural change due to funding issues.
“I met with the director of the school and they are still waiting on the funding to come from the Department of Higher Education, Science and Technology.
“I will visit the department secretary to bring about some resolutions to these issues.
“Education is an important part of any society, so we want to ensure that we open up that institute, try to get it operational as soon as possible so that the institution can start getting intakes for 2018.”

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