MP focusing on restoring power in electorate


By Rebecca Kuku
Member for Kagua Erave Wesley Raminai aims to restore electricity to his electorate during his term.
Raminai, who is also Sports Vice Minister, said that the Kagua-Erave electorate in Southern Highlands has been without electricity for more than 20 years.
“Since the early ‘90s, people in my electorate have been living without electricity. I was a student then and it was very hard to study,” he said.
“Now as the member, restoring electricity to my electorate is one of my top three projects that I want to deliver during my term.”
Raminai said that he was in discussions with PNG Power to restore electricity to the district.
He said the project would cost more than K10 million but he would ensure to restore electricity during his term.
“We have been allocated only K1 million to carry us through the year, and though the budget is not enough to carry out major projects, we will work within our budget for this year to provide whatever services that we can untill the new year,” he said.
“However, once we do receive more funding, I am planning on restoring electricity to my electorate who have been living in the dark for more than 20 years.”
Raminai said that his other two priority projects were roads and law and order.
“Law and order is a major concern in our area and I want to improve and support law enforcing agencies in the electorate.”

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