MP: He gave generously


SPORTS Minister Justin Tkatchenko says the death of Sir Michael Curtain is a “very sad day for Papua New Guinea”.
Tkatchenko, who has been involved with Sir Mick in projects such as Operation Open Heart, the Orchid Society, the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium and various others, said it was a great loss for the country.
He said Sir Mick gave generously to many charitable causes.
Tkatchenko said Sir Mick, through his company Curtain Brothers, employed hundreds of nationals around the country as well as in Townsville.
Tkatchenko said it was unfortunate that Sir Mick would not be around to see completion of the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium, a project he was so passionate about, but this would be completed and named after him as one of his many legacies in this country.
“Papua New Guinea was his home, his love,” he said.

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