MP gets tough on PMVs


GULF Governor Chris Haiveta has put a halt to all outside public transport operators from being licensed to operate in Gulf.
He said this after the recent killing of a Western Highlands betel nut buyer allegedly by a Gulf man in Malalaua.
This has resulted in Western Highlanders terrorising people along the Hiritano Highway.
Haiveta on Monday spoke to Gulf PMV operators regarding threats from Western Highlanders.
“We have heard that there have been PMV permits granted to PMV owners and operators from outside provinces,” he said.
“There has been constant friction.
“My government has decided that we have to put a stop to this and stop all outside operators from being licensed to operate in Gulf, especially to carry passengers to and from Gulf.”
Haiveta said his government would let appropriate authorities take steps in delicensing and classifying a new route for Gulf PMVs.
He said boom gates would be set up monitor betel nut buyers from outside Gulf and ensure there was a safe environment.
Haiveta said the Gulf government would continue to address the issue of the suspect in the killing.
“We want the suspect apprehended by police and brought to justice,” he said.
“Start dealing with the issue of compensation.
“One person’s wrong should not jeopardise the future and livelihood of all other ordinary people.”

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