MP keen to build ‘smarter’ Central province


CENTRAL Governor Robert Agarobe says he will use the best brains in the province to help drive his plans for a “smarter” Central.
He said this during the Central Day celebration organised by University of PNG Central students in Port Moresby on Saturday.
“I am putting a team of young Central intellect, which I would like to call my think-tank,” Agarobe said.
“I will provide an avenue for them that they can come and provide the expertise, their skills and their knowledge to help me drive my plans through the provincial administration.
“I want to believe that when many of you graduate, or during the course of your studies, I can also call on you for your expertise to help me better the lives of our people.
“During the semester, visit schools and villages to talk to high school students about the different courses, and maybe your journey getting to university.
“I am about building a smarter Central province.
“We need to be more creative and innovative.
“We cannot sit back and wait for money to come to us.”
Agarobe cited his own life story with his aviation company Helifix.
“I started with about K400 in a tool box and it is now a multi-million kina company,” he said.
“I hope a lot of other Central students can do the same.”

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