MP has to keep an eagle eye on district


I AM a citizen living in Bulolo district of Morobe.
I have realised that all the assets, especially the bulldozers that were bought with our DSIP (District Services Improvement Programme), are in the hands of certain individuals who claim to be managers.
They use the machine to do district work as well as private work and ask for money to be given
to them directly instead of the district.
To stop this sort of behaviour and mentality of the people in charge of our district’s assets, I would
like our Bulolo MP Sam Basil to
set up an asset pool in Bulolo town and appoint someone as a manager to monitor and manage all the asset.
Theses assets include the new vehicles that he has bought with our DSIP and given to all the LLG presidents in Bulolo district.
This must be done as soon as possible because no one has the right to own a property that is bought with public funds. The MP must also set up a project office in Bulolo town to monitor all his projects in the district because this town is a central location and bears the name of the district.
He cannot continue to make his residence in Lae city be the head office of Bulolo district and make it difficult for citizens here to travel there to see him.

Wau, Morobe

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