MP meets with school, parents after fight


NAMATANAI MP Walter Schnaubelt has intervened in a reported riot at the Namatanai Secondary School and met teachers and the school board.
The incident happened last weekend.
Police arrested 160 students and questioned them at the Kavieng Police Station.
Nine escaped, 120 were released, 25 were held back for questioning over marijuana and homebrew and six for instigating the riot.
Schnaubelt visited the school on Tuesday and spoke to the board of governors and teachers. On Wednesday, he attended a meeting attended by parents.
The parents vented their frustrations on the board and teachers.
Some students spoke out openly over the conduct of some teachers, in particular, those they alleged consumed alcohol in school.
They also alleged that some teachers approached the girls’ dormitory and called out the names of girls.
Education adviser Jack Lapauve and officials from the Namatanai district administration were present during the  meeting.

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