MP Niningi expresses sadness over SHP chaos


Minister for Higher Education, Research Science and Technology and Imbonggu MP Pila Niningi has expressed his sadness over the chaos in Southern Highlands and called for the rule of law to take its course.
“It is a sad day for the people of Southern Highlands to witness such atrocious events unfolding over the past few weeks,” Niningi said.
“The death of two police officers slain in the line of duty coupled with millions of kina worth of properties lost and the destruction of vital services to the provinces.
“Imbonggu is known for civility and peace, it is disheartening to see schools, banks and hospitals shut down and even doctors threatening to leave.”
Niningi urged Southern Highlands leaders to cooperate and allow for the rule of law to take its course
“This killing has occurred in the Imbonggu area, the electorate known for peace,” he said.
“Imbonggu is the electorate I represent, we see animals blood but we don’t see human blood.
“To allow poor human blood on our soil is unacceptable and we cannot allow this, we will not tolerate this barbaric behaviour, it has to be stopped and I hope police will immediately arrest those responsible for this.
“It is my plea to the people investigating and those involved in this unruly behaviour to stop immediately and adhere to the rule of law.
“We must not be holding innocent people to ransom for our own selfish reasons or motives.
“To the families who have lost their loved ones as a result of the chaos that unfolded, my sincere condolences.
“This madness must be stopped for the greater good of the province.”

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