MP to open new school buildings


A primary school in Jimi, Jiwaka, will witness the opening of new infrastructure to be officiated by MP Mai Dop tomorrow.
Konzka Primary School will open a teachers’ house and a double classroom.
Organising committee chairman and head teacher Mathew Eling Mal said Jiwaka Governor Dr William Tongamp, pictured, was invited along with Dop and other guests.
Mal said Konzka was established as an elementary school in 2003 and was currently a primary school recognised by the Jiwaka education division as Konzka Primary School with three staff.
“Teachers, students, the board of management, the surrounding community of Ngamba village, and people of Middle Jimi and Jiwaka are very excited to be part of this milestone achievement,” Mal said.
“This school is the pride of the people of Jimi.
“Most times, many of our children do not have the privilege to attend schools in our own area so they attend schools outside Jimi.
“Jimi is a rugged and mountainous electorate so providing basic services like education and health services is almost impossible.”

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