MP opens double-storey classroom

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SHORTAGE of classrooms at Badihagwa Technical Secondary School in Port Moresby is not a problem anymore, thanks to Moresby North-West MP and Health Minister Michael Malabag.
Malabag funded a one-by-six double-storey building that would cater for six classrooms and four offices at a cost of around K1.2 million.
He opened the building yesterday.
School principal Maru Bala said they were now better off in terms of classrooms.
“We were using other rooms as classrooms so after this opening, we will get the students out of the small rooms and move them into the new classrooms,” Bala said.
He said the school board of governors wrote to Malabag in 2015 and got a positive response and the project started last August.
Bala said it was the responsibility of any elected leader to give back to the people.
“This is why people need the leaders to provide service in and we thank our member for supporting us,” Bala said.
He said Malabag also bought the school a 13-seater bus in 2013.
Malabag said the building had to last and asked them to take responsibility in looking after it.
He said it was an old school and many people who had gone through it were good citizens and contributing to the development of the country.

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