MP: My policies will develop economy


Opposition Leader Don Polye is assuring Prime Minister Peter O’Neill that his policies are better than his government’s to develop the economy into prosperity.
O’Neill had claimed that the Opposition’s policies were reckless as they could reverse development and undermine economic growth.
Polye said that under his compulsory and subsidised education policy, the government, which he was confident of leading after the election, would fully subsidise tuition fees for tertiary students as fees had skyrocketed, putting more stress on parents.
He reiterated that from elementary to Grade 12, the fees would be partly subsidised, meaning parents should partner with the government.
“Sharing the fees for our children is just like project fees their parents have been paying from elementary to Grade 12,” Polye said.
“There is no such thing as free education policy. It will not decrease the number of student enrollments as claimed. Parents should take ownership of their children.”
Polye said all the tertiary institutions, including colleges in the country, were not accredited to the international standards, adding that their graduates were not exportable overseas in the job market.
“Our new government will accredit all our tertiary institutions and renovate all their run-down facilities with high-speed internet services,” he said.
Polye urged the prime minister to sell his policies to the voters so that they could decide between the government and the Opposition in this election.

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