MP promises impact projects


WABAG open MP Robert Ganim has announced three impact projects for the people living in the Engan tribal fighting area.
Lai Bridge, once a battle ground for two warring clans in Wabag Central, would soon become a service centre for the clans and surrounding communities.
Ganim announced last Friday that he would build a community health centre, an elementary school and connect electricity from Sopas to Lai Bridge.
He said that the projects would kick off early next year when he received his district service improvement programme funds from the Government.
He told the people to make land available for the project to start without delay.
“I’ve personally involved with my district peace and good order committee and funded police operation to stop your tribal fights between 2013 and 2014, now that there is peace, I am back again to provide service,” Ganim told the people and leaders from Pepet and Waiben of the Kombarau tribe.
He said that these projects would be built in the middle once a battleground for the two clans so they can have easy excess to services.
“When you fight, I come here to make contributions on both sides and make peace because I want you people to settle down peacefully so that I will bring in goods and services to your door steps,” Ganim said.
He told the two tribes that he had plans to build a high school after seeing students from the area walk a long distance to attend high schools at Surinki and Kopen Secondary.
Ganim urged them to maintain the peace, work closely with his officers from the district to bring service into their area.
Ward councillor Asa Kali commended Ganim for his concern for the lives of the people to stop the tribal fight.
“We are happy with the services you announce, we will make land available for these services to be established,” Kali said.
He assured Ganim, the police and officers from the district at the site last Friday that they would not take up arms anymore.

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