MP vows to champion electorate’s interest


Ijivitari MP in Northern, Richard Masere says he will continue to fight for his people even if he is in the opposition.
Masere, a member of the National Alliance Party, told The National that despite the outcome of the formation of the government on Wednesday, it was the interest of his people that mattered most to him.
“I’m excited that people have decided for a change and they’ve given me a mandate overwhelmingly,” Masere said.
“The important thing now is over the next few months we will go through the systems to overhaul them to become robust and not open to corruption and fraud.”
He said the electorate had plans which would be rolled out over the next 12 to 24 months.
“We are confident because the plans are simple and basic,” Masere said.
“We will deliver this before the next election. Whatever plans transpired under the previous leadership and administration was under his wisdom.
“Creating an office away from the rest of the provincial administration is segregation away from working together with the core systems.
“When we were elected, we made a commitment that the three of us (Masere, Sohe MP Henry Johns Amuli and governor Gary Juffa) will work together for the benefit of the people of Northern.”
Amuli, who had been contesting as an independent since 2002 finally won.
He said:  “I was humbled with the mandate that I have from the people of Sohe and I want to thank my people.
“I’m committed to stand together with governor Juffa and Ijivitari member Masere and to work for our people.”

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