MP wants war relic maintained


MORESBY South MP Justin Tkatchenko has called on authorities to take ownership of the Paga Hill War relic at Fairfax harbour in Port Moresby.
Tkatchenko, pictured, said the bunkers were a museum-listed natural heritage site which needed to be maintained, protected and preserved for education and tourism purposes.
He said the museum had gone to court to ensure all the historical sites were protected.
“I call upon the National Museum director and the board and the Tourism Promotion Authority to take ownership of these areas if they can as soon as possible and look at upgrading them,” Tkatchenko said.
“Get professionals to fix them up so that they can be used as tourist destination sites and information sites even for our children.”
He is ready to assist the museum and the Tourism Promotion Authority to rehabilitate and renovate the site.
Tkatchenko said the site was an useful asset to the people of Moresby South electorate and must be preserved.
The site was part of the Paga Hill development. It was envision that the Paga Hill war site will be used by visitors also going to the Kokoda Trail, Rabaul and other key theatres of conflict.

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