MP wins praise after revealing road upgrade


AFTER 10 years of putting up with poor roads and walking for days to reach Banz, people in the western part of Jimi are going to have their road fixed.
Jimi MP Wake Goi has tasked local company ECO Engineering Ltd to carry out inspection on the 50-kilometre road between Mala, in Dei district, and Wara Sau, in middle Jimi, before costing can be done for funding.
People shed tears of joy last Thursday when ECO Engineering Ltd managing director Edwin Ulg and officials for Goi visited Mala to Wara Sau.
The road will cover 17km of Dei district, starting from Mala to Minjim, and 33km from Minjim to Tilta besides Tsenga and Wum to Wara Sau.
Councillor Jacob Yakimb, from Minjim, said that in the past 10 years, access to services had been cut off.
He praised Goi for his leadership in recognising and ensuring that road systems in the district were up to standard.
“Just 120 days in office and the MP is already sending shockwaves in the whole of Jimi,” he said.
“I congratulate Goi for his visionary leadership in realising the real need of the people, which is road.”
Aipe Simbil commended the MP for his commitment to provide services fairly and equitably to all parts of Jimi.
“Goi has brought hope to Jimi. Just 100 days in office and he is already upgrading the Karap to Kol road, paid subsidised fees for airfares in and out of Jimi and securing spaces for grade 10 and 12 leavers to colleges,” he said.
“He has the vision to see Jimi being transformed.
“He is trying to give hope to the underprivileged students in Jimi.
“He wants to transform the lives of people of the remotest district in the country.”

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