MP’s big plans to turn Kerowagi into economic hub


THE Kerowagi district of Chimbu is set to become the industrial and economic hub of the central highlands region, MP Bari Palma says.
Palma has already secured approval to have four roads constructed or upgraded to connect Kerowagi to other parts of Chimbu and Jiwaka. They are:

  • The Nondugul (Dona) to Kerowagi road to be funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB);
  •  the Minj to Kup and to Neregaima, also  funded by the ADB;
  •  the Kerowagi Urban and town road upgrading which will cost K17 million. Kaia Works has done the feasibility study and it would be funded through the Department of Works; and,
  •  The Kerowagi-Bogokawa road for people living at the back of the mountain.

“These road will open up the economic corridor to achieve the industrial hub agenda,” Palma  said.
“The Highlands Highway cuts through the length of Kerowagi so we must connect the people through these roads.”

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