MPs can outline successes, says Gelu


Reports by MALUM NALU
REGISTRAR of Political Parties Dr Alphonse Gelu says he sees nothing wrong with current Members of Parliament (MPs) outlining their achievements in the media although it may be seen as early campaigning.
He said this yesterday in response to complaints from candidates and the public about MPs being allowed free space in the Post-Courier to outline their achievements over the last five years.
Gelu said it was the right of MPs to tell the public about their achievements since taking office.
“They are leaders and leaders have to come out publicly and tell everybody what they have done since taking office,” he said.
“It’s the right of the people to know.
“If people are complaining that it’s early campaigning, I think not.
“It’s not early campaigning.
“They are currently leaders and are accountable for public funds such as DSIP and PSIP so they have to come out and tell the people what they’re doing, what they’ve spent the money on.
“That’s the advantage that current MPs have over those who will be contesting in the 2017 elections.
“So really, there is nothing wrong with what they are doing.
“These are public funds and it doesn’t go against any conventions, laws and regulations because of their status as current MPs.”
A Letters to the Editor writer in last Friday’s The National said: “In my view Scan Your MP is indirectly in breach of the organic law on national and Local Level Government elections.
“This Organic Law prohibits candidates and their agents, including the mainstream media, from taking part in early campaign until the governor-general officially issues the writs,” Gelu said.

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