MPs to work as a team


THE top priorities for the Northern government is to overhaul its administration and review the health and education systems in the province, according to Governor Gary Juffa.
Juffa said he and his two colleagues – Sohe MP Henry Amuli and Ijivitari MP Richard Masere –  would come up with plans to help rebuild the province. “I have a 100-day plan and I have asked my two colleagues to put together their own 100-day plans,” Juffa said.
“We’ve got a five-year provincial development plan that will jointly be reviewed.
“Sohe and Ijivatari MPs will be putting their plans and we will merge them into a road map which we will basically rebuild Northern for our children, a safe place for investors and encourage our small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
“All members from Northern will be announcing an inauguration at the Independence Oval in Popondetta, a joint agreement between all members to work together for  the good of our people and province.
“I’m looking forward to the next five years, we will be working together as a team. We are going to serve them.
“Top priorities are overhauling our administration and reviewing our health and education, this is from the provincial perspective.”

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