Mt Koiari needs a new highway


FOR the past 42 years Mt Koiari people have been continuously neglected by the successive governments in terms of land transportation.
Roads are truly a big issue for Mt Koiari people.
Mt Koiari people have to walk for miles to reach Port Moresby to access basic services, especially health services.
Day in day out people up in bush Koiari continue to die of curable diseases simply because of no road links.
Most villages rely on air transport, either helicopters or small one engine aeroplanes.
But this means of transportation is totally unreliable.
It’s not very efficient an effective means of transportation to sustain the living standards up in Mt Koiari. Even though Mt Koiari
villages are located 45 to 50 kilometres away from the capital city of Papua New Guinea, they have never had a single chance to have access to a reliable land transportation system because of no roads links.
Please can the next government build a highway to link Mt Koiari villages to Port Moresby?
It has been our wish and
dream to have a highway between Mt Koiari areas and Port
We don’t want to be left out continuously because of the road issue, we truly want to make use of our resources and opportunities up in Mt Koiari through the means of land transportation.
Please relief us from our rural hardships and link us to the outside world!

Legoea Duna
Mt Koiari needs a highway

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