Muay Thai show deferred


LEE Henry Garap’s Muay Thai show rescheduled for yesterday, was deferred for a second time after World Kick Boxing Federation agent Bruce Macfie refused to fly up to Port Moresby on Saturday until the fees promised to him and his fighter, Sakkoed Chaiyan, were paid.
Garap and Chaiyan were supposed to fight for the WKBF’s Muay Thai welterweight title two weeks ago (Sept 4) but that date had to be scrapped, with funding and logistical preparations not ready.
Among the reasons given was that designers had not finished making the championship belt.
A disappointed Garap said after the first deferral, he was determined to make the fight happen on the second date, which was yesterday, but that objective was torpedoed after Macfie delayed travelling up until the payment was transacted.
“Everything was set and ready to go for this weekend,” Garap said.
“The only problem was Macfie wanted payment upfront.
“We were able to make the cheque payment through the bank on Thursday and I told him the check would take a few days to clear but he wasn’t having any of that.
“It’s really disappointing because I’ve had to rush around all weekend explaining to sponsors the situation and apologise for the delay,” the 34-year-old Muay Thai fighter said.
“One of the show’s sponsors has been good enough to pay for him (Macfie) and Chaiyan to come up from Brisbane and because the trip has been put off twice now, I’ve had to pay penalty fees (K880) with the airline.” The show’s new date will be announced this week after Garap confirms Macfie’s involvement.

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